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What is 'Laol SERA'?

LAOL SERA is an antibacterial and scale management product made with only eco-friendly raw materials.

When used in a coffee machine, the character notes (taste of coffee beans) of coffee become clear, and the odor of the water aftertaste is removed to some extent due to its antibacterial effect.

As the water is purified, the clean cup of the extracted coffee rises, the bitterness and harshness of the coffee are reduced, and the body becomes lighter.

In particular, when making cold brew coffee, the balls can be used together in the brewing process or storage.

In everyday life, it can be used in humidifiers and water bottles, and its deodorizing effect performs excellently in refrigerators and clothes management equipment.

How to use

- Before using, wash the balls in running water lightly

- Put 10 balls per 1 liter of water into the water tank

- Change the balls to new ones after 6 months

- Rest your mind as these balls were baked at 1300 degrees, and thus will not rust or break.

- As an eco-friendly antibacterial product, the balls have 99.9% antibacterial effect against Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas         

  aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Pneumococcus, Streptococcus, MRSA, Candida, and Bacillus.

Coffee Machine

- The character notes (taste of coffee beans) become clearer

- Antibacterial effect removes the odor of water aftertaste to a certain extent

- Water is purified and the extracted coffee cleancup rises

- Due to scale removal of the coffee machine, taking care of your machine is

  much easier

- The bitterness and harshness of the coffee is reduced and the body becomes



- Because of the antibacterial effect, bacteria do not propagate in the water

  tank and scale does not stick.

- Safe because water tank washing is unnecessary

- Nozzle clogging is reduced as scale is not created

Water Bottle

- Put the balls in water bottles you drink out of, you can always drink clean 

  water thanks to its 99.9% antibacterial effect

- Eco-friendly bottle care is possible without bacteria

- If you cook rice or soup with water that has the balls in it, the broken down 

  water molecules make the rice taste better and the soup to taste deeper

Mini Water Dispenser

Faucet attached Water Dispenser

- Chlorine is removed with an activated carbon filter and contamination can be 

   checked with a transparent case

   Excellent antibacterial effect due to the LSD-Balls

- Easy to install with direct connection to the faucet

- Rotate it 180 degrees to remove contaminants inside the water dispenser

- Weak alkaline purification is possible with activated water of tap water

Cooking Balls

- Food becomes more delicious due to activated water

- Becomes softer and more absorbable due to activated water, leading to

  better health

- Odor is reduced due to activated water

- The taste becomes deeper when boiling beef bone, beef broth, or fish soup.

Laundry Balls

- Laundry is possible without detergent.

- For dirty or oily laundry, you only need 20~30% of your original 

   amount of detergent.

- Better for your skin care as you launder with sterilized water without the

   use of detergent.

- Laundry drains well and does not smell.

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